Social Entrepreneur/Manager Wanted for Harpswell Cafe

Entrepreneur/Manager for Harpswell Cafe

The SchoolHouse Cafe is a social enterprise food service business affiliated with Harpswell Coastal Academy, a public charter school. Located at the most heavily travelled intersection in Harpswell, the SchoolHouse Café:

•    Serves breakfast and lunch to the Harpswell community;
•    Serves as a community gathering spot;
•    Provides lunch for approximately 120 HCA students during the school year;
•    Sources most of its food locally, through partnerships with the HCA farm and other local farms and businesses;
•    Serves as an incubator and internship/training program for HCA students.

The SchoolHouse Cafe has been profitable for our first 3 years of operation by combining the breakfast and lunch business with the predictable income of the HCA lunch program. The manager has both a competitive base salary and a share in the profits of the business.

The SchoolHouse Cafe manager’s primary duties include menu design and execution, supervising operations, marketing, community relations, personnel management, and business administration.  The right candidate will have at least 3-4 years in the foodservice industry, including at least one year in a supervisory role, experience sourcing from local producers, and an ability to integrate the Harpswell Coastal Academy’s educational mission and activities into the Cafe’s operations.

Please send a letter of interest and resume to

John D’Anieri
Head of School
Harpswell Coastal Academy
9 Ash Point Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 833-3229 ext. 102

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