Wild Folk Farm Holds 3rd Annual Rice Planting Party; June 2, 2018

Join Wild Folk Farm on Saturday June 2nd for their
Third Annual Rice Planting Party!

12-6pm working, 7-11pm un-working

Come play amongst the frogs, toads, and migratory birds.
Come learn about rice cultivation and paddy creation.
Let’s continue to create a paddy agriculture in Maine built on human power and work songs, as newfound relationships and friends coalesce.

In villages throughout the world, rice is traditionally transplanted and harvested annually as a community activity.  Since launching the Maine Rice Project in Central Maine, we – and you! – have made it a priority to build that tradition right here.  Last year we had more than 50 folks join in throughout the day; let’s make it more!

The planting (and weeding) starts at 12pm. Ben will be giving a rice tour/history mid-afternoon.  The earth oven dinner will get rolling around 7pmonce the work winds down.  We will gather around the bonfire, discuss the day’s and year’s activities, play some campfire music, dine on fresh local cuisine, and get to know your strangers and neighbors better.  Of course, over some cold kegs of fresh local beer.

Invite friends and family.  Stay as long as you like. Get your hands and feet into our rice paddies, join in the work, and also feel free to explore the farm and socialize. If you have children in tow, or aches and pains, or time constraints, or anything that keeps you from physically joining in the work, please do put aside any stresses or worries and join us regardless.  That’s part of what makes the community pulse.

Thanks for considering.  If you may, reply to this email and tell us you’re thoughts on attending.  It’s okay if it’s a maybe or perhaps, or definite 1 or 10, just shoot us an email what you’re best guess is.  It really helps us prepare food and work group sizes.  But….that said of course last minute attendees are more than welcome to join the festivities.

We appreciate the support and really look forward to seeing you all.
Definitely feel free to pass this invite along to whomever may be interested,
and to contact us with any questions or thoughts you have.
Cheers and happy incoming summer!

~Ben and the Wild Folk farm crew

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