Rural Maine World Cultural Center

How many Mainers have opportunities to experience and enjoy the music, art, foods, literature and history of the many countries in our world? The Unique Maine Farms’ project appreciates the cultural contributions of all different nations. We embrace the enrichment that global studies provides and we are looking to find a location in Maine to set up a Rural Maine World Cultural Center. Mary Quinn Doyle, a certified Maine English and social studies teacher and founder of the Unique Maine Farms’ project, has dreamed of establishing such an educational undertaking for decades. Hundreds of ethnic folk tales and over 1500 puppets have been collected in the hopes that visitors to the cultural center will delight in being introduced to stories from around the world.  A library with hundreds of ethnic cookbooks and many resources focusing on world cultures has already been established. It is hoped that a building that is no longer being utilized (such as a Grange hall, old farm or barn, closed school or place of worship) will be suggested as a possible location for this center. It is envisioned as a gathering place where all countries will be recognized and appreciated. It is exciting to be part of a project where people can participate in global education programs; enjoy various ethnic meals; listen to world music; access a lending library;  and meet individuals from other countries in a welcoming and vibrant setting.  If you have any suggestions about a possible location please contact Mary at Thanks!

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