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Noah Wentworth
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Bonnie Rukin
Sam May
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Heather Omand


Guiding Principle:  Slow Money Maine is an inclusive network that creates and maintains independent pathways for flexibility and action.

Governing Bodies:

A.  State Coordinator  –  The job of the state coordinator is to lead, fertilize and grow connections among people in the network.  The coordinator:

  • Serves as primary contact  for Slow Money Maine;
  • Maintains a data base of all Slow Money Maine network participants;
  • Coordinates Slow Money Maine meetings and gatherings;
  • Coordinates Slow Money Core Activities; and
  • Coordinates the content of the Slow Money Maine website

B.  Regional Liaison  – The job of the Regional Liaison is to represent Slow Money Maine at meetings of the Chapter Council of the national Slow Money Alliance, to keep the Steering Committee informed about national discussions and to seek input from the Steering Committee on national matters as necessary.  The State Coordinator may be the Regional Liaison.

C.  Steering Committee – The job of the Steering Committee is to hold responsibility for the overall health of Slow Money Maine.  The Steering Committee recruits, oversees and assists the State Coordinator in performing his or her role as needed.  The Steering Committee reviews and approves any budget and expenditures for Steering Committee activities.   The Committee also reviews and approves any group activity that seeks to work under the auspices of Slow Money Maine and its Project Leader.  Steering Committee members maintain regular contact with network participants.  At least once a year the Steering Committee reports to network participants via a gathering about its work.

1. Composition and Selection Process:  The Steering Committee is comprised of 9 -13 members representing a cross-section of SMM interest groups.  Once a year the Steering Committee will review and evaluate its work over the last year and identify new people or skills it wishes to have represented on the Committee and seek network participants to fill those positions.  The Steering Committee will keep a list of people interested in joining the Steering Committee, inform network participants how they can join the Steering Committee and select new members to join the Committee.

2. Term:  1 year, no term limits.

3. Attendance:  Members are expected to attend each meeting or notify the coordinator at the earliest opportunity if they are unable to attend.

4. Decision Making:  Consensus will be sought.  If not reached, approval by 80% of a quorum will prevail.  If 80% cannot be reached, a working group representing diverse viewpoints will be tasked to develop a more unifying proposal for action.  Decision making between meetings on time-sensitive issues will be made as follows:

  • Request via e-mail, for input from all Steering Committee representatives, will be made by the Coordinator;
  • The coordinator will make a decision and announce it to the Steering Committee

5. Slow Money Maine Initiatives:  Slow Money Maine and the Steering Committee encourage activities that further the Slow Money Mission and Core Activities.  People seeking to work under the auspices of Slow Money Maine and to use the name need approval to do so from the Steering Committee.  Once approved, a representative of the initiative will report regularly to the Coordinator or his or her designee for the purpose of keeping the Steering Committee informed about the activity.  The Steering Committee does not have oversight of initiatives other than to make sure they are consistent with the Slow Money Maine Mission and Core Activities.

6.  Conflict of Interest: Steering Committee members are expected to identify any conflict of interest prior to any decision made and refrain from voting if a personal or organizational gain or loss might result from the decision.

D.  Gatherings – Gatherings are meetings of Slow Money Maine network participants organized by the State Coordinator.  They are open to the public and are one of the primary ways that Slow Money Maine achieves its core activity of building an inclusive network in support of Maine’s food system.

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