Frequently Asked Questions

Does Slow Money Maine serve as an alternative to a conventional bank?

No, Slow Money Maine does not handle any money as a group but rather is focused on matching investors to forms of investing in local sustainable food systems through existing and innovative approaches that include banks, non-profits, and other entities. We offer peer to peer lending and several small local investment clubs are also active within our network to meet financing needs.

Does Slow Money Maine offer financial guidance to any small Maine business?

No. Slow Money Maine, like its national umbrella organization (Slow Money Institute), is focused on sustainable food system endeavors.

Are Slow Money Maine meetings invitational or open to anyone?

Our meetings are open to anyone. Just show up with curiosity and the desire to find your place in our network. There is a place for everyone. A few times a year we offer “Registration only” events and these will be clearly indicated through our correspondence via email and our website.

Is there an application process for securing loans through Slow Money Maine?

No. Slow Money Maine provides opportunities for education and networking so that farmers and producers can find the financial and technical support that they need independently.

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