Speaker Sisterhood Club for Women Entrepreneurs Launching Sept. 2018

Speaker Sisterhood is a network of speaking clubs created exclusively for women, which offers a structured, facilitated curriculum that is designed to help women use public speaking and presentation skills to advance their business or career, enhance their leadership impact, build confidence, and increase visibility for themselves and their businesses through speaking opportunities.

CEI is excited to be bringing Speaker Sisterhood to Portland with the launch of our club in September, 2018!

The club will meet at CoworkHERS in Portland twice per month and a total of 20 times per year. In order to provide speaking opportunities to all members in the allotted two-hour meeting windows, clubs have a maximum of 15 members. To learn more or secure your spot please visit us at the link below!

Learn More or Register: https://www.ceimaine.org/workshops-and-events/speaker-sisterhood/

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