Principle Six Conference

Principle Six Conference
rescheduled to ​
Saturday April 29th from 9:30am-4pm ​at
Christ Church​,​ 2 Dresden Ave. in Gardiner​.

It was challenging to find a date that worked to reschedule ​​the conference, ​which is why we had a delay on getting back to you.  Sorry to folks for whom this date doesn’t work.   Through the Principle Six conference and our work in co-ops we are working together to build a better Maine, where people have homes, food, and  jobs, and our environment is respected. ​​Help us grow this movement and cooperative economy in Maine.  ​

If you already registered for the original date of April 1st and are now unable to come please let us know.

How can we build a cooperative economy in Maine?
Cooperative Maine turned 10 years old on March 25th.   This year’s Principle Six Conference will be an opportunity for us to reflect on the past 10 years while looking forward to build a stronger network of cooperatives that can help us all meet our needs and fulfill our aspirations.
The day will feature large group discussions about creating a Maine cooperative business association, sector specific conversations (such as consumer food co-ops, housing, and worker co-ops) on common needs and aspirations, and a block of workshops to expand skills and knowledge.

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