Wholesaling Workshop coming in November

Save the Date!
The Business of Farming for Wholesale:
A 2 day Intensive Workshop

Saturday, November 14 & Sunday, November 15, 2015
The Black Bear Inn, Orono, ME

This workshop is for experienced farmers who are looking to start or expand their wholesale markets.

Drawing on a panel of business and farming experts from around the state, as well as other growers who are willing to share their experiences, we’ll examine wholesaling from many different angles and help you determine how your farm can best respond.

During this workshop, you’ll:
·      Use last year’s actual records to find your most – and least – profitable crops

·      Meet some of the prominent wholesale buyers in the state

·      Meet potential lenders

·      Make contact with potential distribution networks

·      Have a chance to get help in deciding when to buy – or not buy – that piece of equipment you’ve been dreaming of

This workshop is available tuition-free to farmers who participated in the Harvesting Maine’s New Wholesale Opportunities.  Other farms may apply to participate.

Contact: Jed Beach at beach.jed@gmail.com.

Sponsored by Maine Farmland Trust
Made possible by a grant from the John Merck Foundation

We’re growing a future for farming in Maine!

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