Slow Money Maine Gathering – Wednesday July 23rd

Slow Money Maine Gathering
Wednesday July 23rd, 1-4pm
at Viles Arboretum in Augusta
photo_809Summer is here!  Take a bit of time out of your busy schedule to connect in with our Slow Money Maine network.  Each gathering begins and ends with networking time. Sandwiched in between are presentations from a variety of different businesses and local food organizations about their current projects and needs. There is always an abundance of information about how YOU can participate in SMM.  And of course we snack together on locally sourced foods from our community (and often brought by the presenters). All are welcome!

Main Presenters:
Alex Linkow / Fair Food Network
William Holmes / Standard Gastropub
Jackson Mcleod / Fluid Farms Aquaponic Produce
Mia Strong / Strong Brewing Co.
Lisa Webster / North Star Sheep Farm


Eleanor Kinney / Washington County Funders Tour
Sara Trunzo / Veggies for All
Tod Yankee / Maine Harvest
Veronique Vendette / Gardiner Food Co-op
Ben Rooney / Maine Rice Project
Jeff Wolovitz / Heiwa Soy Beanery
Michael Bartner / Slow Money National
Rossi Meacham / Food Sector Employment

Meet your SMM Neighbors…carpooling is always encouraged! Post to our FB page or on your own wall to help spread the word about the meeting and carpool options.

If you “like” our FB Page you will always receive posts to our blog in your newsfeed.  Another way to stay connected.

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