SMM Welcomes Kari Luehman

As we all know, Bonnie speaks eloquently about the way SMM is a network organization which focuses on  how we as a community promote investments in local sustainable food systems. She says “Our food choices, our farmers, producers, distributors and markets all contribute to healthy soil, thriving economies and vibrant communities.” And she encourages all of us to find ways to participate. Everyone has a place inside this network.

Kari found her way to SMM through a conversation with a friend where she felt powerfully drawn to contact Bonnie to figure out how she could participate.  Bonnie and Kari were long time friends who had both served on the board of Avena Botanicals many years ago. It was wonderful to reconnect, and after a brief meeting last fall, Kari and Bonnie found some ways that she could volunteer her time to support Bonnie’s work in Slow Money Maine. This small volunteer position highlighted the need for more consistent help, so in January, Kari accepted a position as part time administrative assistant.

Working with SMM is a wonderful fit for Kari, who shines her light in the world in a variety of ways, always curious about the interconnectedness of it all.  She is excited about helping support the amazing work that SMM is midwifing into Maine and beyond. Kari’s other work involves local foods cooking/catering, offering movement to the community through a dance practice called 5Rhythms movement, and helping people create more organization/structure/movement within their own business endeavors.  In addition, Kari is an active part of the Waldorf school community in Rockport, Maine where her daughter Sadie is in 1st grade. She spends her free time dancing in assorted venues in the midcoast, playing with flowers in the garden and seeking the balance that is necessary in crafting a life that feels  both full and empty at the same time.

SMM Photo of Kari

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