Farm-to-Camp News from David Gulak

David Gulak, of Barrels Community Market in Waterville, has been a pivotal player in Farm-to-Camp initiatives this summer. Here’s his update:

“Spurred by a $9,000 grant through the Maine Community Foundation, Barrels Market is currently serving as the managing organization to initiate a Central Maine Farm-to-Camp program.  Camps present a great opportunity for farmers to move fresh produce in peak season and create access to healthy foods for thousands of children that come to Maine every summer.  Camp Manitou, Acting Manitou, and Friends Camp are the basis for a pilot program this year.  Barrels is facilitating dialogue within the camps between the directors, kitchen staff, and general staff, and setting up methods of communication to help move forward the integration of local foods.  Camps are put in direct contact with farms that have been pre-approved for food safety standards and produce quality.  After assisting with the initial conversations, the kitchen staff then build a relationship directly with the farmer, using Barrels as an intermediary when helpful.  The program will also involve establishing large-scale local foods recipes, composting systems, educational materials, social media, and ultimately a handbook to share the information and experiences with other camps interested in participating in the initiative.  Progress is going well; the camps have incorporated hundreds of pounds of local foods to date, established composting facilities at all locations, and are working directly with 5 farms in the region.  I’m pleased to report that the response from the campers has been overwhelmingly positive.”
For more information, call David at 660-4844 or e-mail


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